New ‘Prometheus’ Viral Wants To Sell You A Subservient Michael Fassbender. SOLD.

Stop playing with yourself, Michael Fassbender.

The viral campaign for Ridley Scott’s Prometheus (opening June 8th) continues with this “Happy Birthday, David” promo for the David android played by Michael Fassbender. This isn’t a spoiler as co-writer Damon Lindelof said at the WonderCon panel that David is known as an android from the very beginning of the movie, unlike later models of Weyland Corporation androids which could pass as human. (That’s not a spoiler either because, if you haven’t seen Alien yet, just f**k you.)

As David the android explains, “I can carry out directives my human counterparts might find distressing. Or unethical.” So that’s creepy. But not as creepy as when he starts doing a future-y version of a Rorschach test and cries about things that would make him feel sad if he felt anything. So there’s your Tuesday morning nightmare fuel.

This may ruin the video or make it even more awesome: Michael Fassbender has said that the inspiration for his character was Greg Louganis. Good luck getting that out of your head now. I know I won’t and don’t want to.

(H/T: ThePlaylist)