Propaganda Posters In Favor Of Punching Nazi Dinosaurs In The Face

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Finally, a cause I can fully get behind!  Punching Nazi dinosaurs in the face!  Yes!  Let’s do this.
Dino D-Day started as a Half Life 2 mod (trailer here) which tells the fascinating true story about that time Nazis resurrected dinosaurs and you have to fight them as an Allied soldier in WWII.  Now it’s been adapted as a full-length multiplayer game (trailer and synopsis here) which will release on April 8th.  It just became available for pre-order on Steam at a 10% discount.
You can still punch dinosaurs in the face as in all my daydreams the Half Life 2 version, but the full version adds the option to play as six different Allied soldiers, three different Axis soldiers, or three Nazi dinosaurs, one of whom is a Desmatosuchus with a 20mm cannon strapped to its back.  It is super effective.
Hit the jump for screencaps from the game (via Steam) and propaganda posters (via Destructoid, who have additional posters in their gallery).

(Click pictures for full size)

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