Meet The Adorable Rescued Raccoon Who Thinks She’s A Dog

See that furry beast hanging out with a dog? That is Pumpkin the raccoon, and she thinks that she is a dog. Found as a baby in the Bahamas, Pumpkin was orphaned and abandoned, so Rosie Kemp decided to rescue her and never let her go. But now, Pumpkin isn’t just a sweet family friend, she’s a social media sensation with her own Facebook page and accounts on Twitter and Instagram where everyone can check out her adorable canine-like hijinx!

Here are a few examples:

Some couch-chilling, like a dog.

Shooting the breeze.

Straight-up lovin’.

Even when no one asked.

Taking over the human’s space.

Scheming. Or just talking.

Maybe getting a little annoying.


While this is undoubtedly a very cute little case of mistaken animal identity, no one is advised to keep a raccoon as a pet. It’s actually illegal to do that in the United States, for one thing, but mostly, raccoons are not meant to be domesticated animals. So enjoy these pictures and follow Pumpkin all over the internet, but do not try this at home. Watch Guardians of the Galaxy if you need a humanoid raccoon fix.

(via E! Online)