Vladimir Putin’s Planned Punishment From Ukraine Should Make Him Even More Desperate To Win His Dismal War

The tide has long since turned against Vladimir Putin, and some of his former close confidantes have even been lamenting his war and expressing their stunned state at the loss of his “Superman” image. He’s spent a lot of time out of public view and soaking his worries in a pickle-filled hideout, to the point where Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky demanded proof of life. Now that that his happened, Zelensky is now airing his desire for what shall happen to Putin if Russia loses this ill-advised war.

The former Servant of the People star made his declaration while reflecting upon the one-year anniversary of Ukrainian soldiers taking back a village occupied by Russia. In the process, Russia had imprisoned 400 Ukrainians for 27 days, and they were kept inside a school basement, where inhumane conditions led to 11 deaths. A furious Zelensky would like to see a similar fate for Putin, who should only have a pee-bucket for a companion, via Politico:

“After seeing all of this I can only wish Russian President Putin to spend the rest of his life in a basement with [a] bucket for a toilet,” Zelenskyy said.

“They waited for our soldiers to come. They survived to tell the world about the horrible tragedy brought on them by Russians and their leadership, their president,” he added. “We’ve heard about suffering, torture, inhuman treatment.”

It would be a far cry from luxury hideouts and secret train tunnels (which Putin set up for himself ahead of this war), not to mention the lush lifestyle that Putin has allegedly set up for his reported long-time girlfriend. And surely, no one will be tossing Putin any of his all-important veggie and probably not even any pickles when he’s down in that basement.

All of this, of course, will likely cause Putin to become even more paranoid and guarded, as will those staff members and lingering supporters, who are said to be afraid of their own fates following the international warrant for the Russian president’s arrest. As well, Zelensky has urged the world to take notice of his proclamation, and he added, “It is very important for our partners to see this, to visit basements like this one to understand, to help Ukraine. And not search for diplomatic talks with the absolute killers.”

(Via Politico)