'Raiders of the Lost Ark'. IMAX. This September. You're Welcome.

08.16.12 7 years ago 5 Comments

OK, so we at Gamma Squad had nothing to do with this. But considering how terrible studios tend to be at promoting their re-releases, we thought we’d take the time to let you know that “Raiders of the Lost Ark” will possibly be playing at an IMAX theater near you.

But you’ll have less than a week to catch it.

The re-release is to celebrate Indy coming to Blu-Ray on September 18th. It’s not really clear how many screens it’ll be on, but considering it’s an exclusive weeklong engagement and there’s nothing coming out in IMAX until the next Resident Evil movie is inexplicably released, it’s fairly safe to assume it’ll be on a lot of screens.

If that’s not enough for you, AMC Theaters will be running a marathon of all four movies September 15th. Fortunately, that’s a Saturday.

Here’s a trailer for your delectation:

So, are you catching this? Or saving up for the Blu-Rays?

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