A Little Girl With A Rainbow Flag Wouldn’t Back Down From A Hate-Spewing Preacher

The young girl in the video above is named Zea. She attended Comfest, a community festival in Columbus, Ohio, as did a hateful street preacher spewing homophobia. Again, this wasn’t a political rally or even a march; it was a family-friendly gathering, and, according to the man who posted the video, Ryan Bowling, “The preacher was accosting festival goers, including other families with children. His rhetoric, before being confronted by a small girl, was graphic, and bigoted. He was escorted out by police.”

Meanwhile, Zea, who “volunteers at Comfest every year, and was on her way to spend her volunteer tokens on pizza,” silently waved her rainbow flag in front of him. Even if she didn’t know exactly what was going, she knew that #LoveWins. So does pizza. #PizzaWins.

(Via YouTube)