Ranking The New Words Added To The Oxford English Dictionary, From Worst To Super Worst

Having failed to earn the respect of The Youth with their “I love rock and/or roll music CDs” t-shirt, the Oxford English Dictionary is trying another approach to fit in with the cool kids: “Hey, you girl crushes, wanna put on some buzzworthy jorts, drink some pear cider, earn some bitcoins, and twerk the night away, srsly? DERP.”

Yes, the OED has added 40 new words to its phat collection of wordz, each more awful than the last. Just because, excuse me, just b/c let’s rank the additions from merely awful to super duper ROFL awful #yolo.

#40. Blondie

#39. Jorts

#38. Pixie cut

#37-#1. A/W, babymoon, balayage, bitcoin, buzzworthy, BYOD, cake pop, chandelier earring, click and collect, dappy, derp, digital detox, double denim, emoji, fauxhawk, FIL [father-in-law], flatform, FOMO [fear of missing out], food baby, geek chic, girl crush, grats, hackerspace, Internet of things, LDR, MOOC, omnishambles, pear cider, phablet, selfie, space tourism, squee, srsly, street food, TL;DR, twerk, and vom.

“Vom” indeed.

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