The Real-Life Jessica Rabbit Has Photos That Are Both Bizarre And Fascinating–dZzuRg4At-V5bLjf0EJYqM0/

If you’ve never heard of Pixee Fox, that’s about to change. The former electrician (a Swedish lady who resides in North Carolina) turned Instagram star calls herself the “Human Cartoon” (as opposed to the already successful Human Barbie). Pixee has gone to great lengths to capture an attention-grabbing figure. She’s a huge fan of body modification and, according to The Mirror, has undergone rib-removal surgery to achieve the ultimate hourglass shape like her idol, Jessica Rabbit.

Does Pixee do a better or worse job than Heidi Klum at this task? Klum reserved the right to remove her prosthetics and makeup at the end of the night. Whereas Pixee is quite serious in her commitment and has invested an astounding $121,000 (and counting) on a series of surgeries. All told, she’s had 15 surgeries, which include the removal of six ribs. She’s also splashed out for four boob jobs, several nose jobs, a Brazilian butt lift, and liposuction.

The rib removals and waist-training corsets left Pixee with a 14-inch waist. Even without the corset, Pixee’s measurements are 38-16-39. Her Instagram photos tell the tale of one woman’s quest towards imagined perfection. Is this imagery worth risking one’s health? Humans do have ribs for a reason.–Mc0/

(Via The Mirror & New York Daily News)