‘Realistic Garfield’ Gazes Into The Abyss Of Jon’s Harrowing Insanity

“Garfield’s diet may actually be the least of Jon’s problems.” That’s the premise behind webcomic-based parodies like Garfield Minus Garfield and Realfield, and it’s also the premise behind the new “Realistic” animation from The Pete Holmes Show. They must have had a huge backlog of sketches when the show was cancelled, because they’ve released sketches about Magneto, M. Bison, Mario, and Jean Grey since the cancellation announcement.

Now we get a look at Jon’s worrisome untreated mental illness and his irresponsible pet ownership. Hold up, Jon, you cook entire pans of three-cheese lasagna for a lactose-intolerant, morbidly obese cat? And he tells you to do this? But the only thing you’re worried about is why the cute veterinarian doesn’t want to go out with you? Get it together, Jon.

Oh well, it could be even worse…

Sidenote: Is there anything we liked as kids that wouldn’t seem completely disturbing if we analyzed it now? Maybe Heathcliff.