Reason #64,028 Why Jessica Biel Is The Best

Idiots like us (i.e. people on the Internet) have been making the “DUH JESSICA BIEL NAME KID BATMO BECAUSE BATMAN’S MOBILE” comment for years now. After one joke too many, Biel, who I like despite being only being in two movies that I enjoy (The Illusionist and Summer Catch — love that Freddie Prinze, Jr.), took to Twitter to kill the meme once and for all. The phrasing’s a tad off, but considering I’m currently wearing a hoodie with both yellow and red stains on it and she’s Jessica Biel, I’m not in a place to criticize. Now the dumb last name gag is Winona Ryder’s cross to bear. Ruff Ryder 4 life.

Also, here are reasons #64,029-64,032 why Jessica Biel is awesome.

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