A Hero Teen Completed Her Bucket List By Sacrificing Her Life To Save A Friend’s

When Rebecca Townsend was a sophomore in high school, she wrote a bucket list of three things she wanted to accomplish: “Kiss in the rain, fly to Spain, save a life (not really scary, though).” She checked off the first two items easy enough; tragically, Townsend accomplished the third one, too. On July 2, after watching a fireworks display in Danbury, Conn., Townsend was struck and killed by a car while saving her friend Ben Arne, 17.

The last thing Arne remembers Townsend, who was set to attend Notre Dame, saying?

“He said, ‘The last thing I remember is Rebecca pushing me and telling me to hurry up,’” [Rebecca’s sister] Victoria said. (Via)

Rebecca’s family didn’t know of the existence of the bucket list until after her death, and they’ve since set up a Remembering Rebecca Facebook page. Meanwhile, police are still on the look-out for a “23-year-old woman from Brookfield [who] was driving the car that hit the teens.”

(Via Fox CT)