Redditors Use Rage Comic To Diagnose Cancer

Ever have one of those days where a friend does something goofy as a joke, you share it, and then discover that the Internet thinks your friend is about to have one of his most valuable possessions, a nut, removed because of cancer. Welcome to the world of CappnPoopdeck, a Redditor who saved his friend’s life by posting his friend’s rage comic.

Poopdeck posted a rage comic made by his friend for the amusement of fellow Redditors:

Within a few comments, one of the other posters in the subreddit noted that if this was actually true and not just playing on the m-preg fears of fellow Redditors, then his friend needed to be tested for cancer pronto. It turns out that the hormone pregnancy tests look for is also churned out by some types of tumors. It’s so reliable a marker for testicular cancer that it’s one of the main hormones they look for. Sure enough, a doctor’s visit later and a small tumor had been found on his friend’s testicle.

As Poopdeck points out, he’s sad that his friend might be losing one of his cojones but at the same time, is glad he’s not dying horribly of cancer. Amid controversies like the outing of Violentacrez, it’s important to keep stories like this in mind. Reddit has its downsides, and those downsides can be fairly awful, but like anywhere else on the Internet, occasionally the power of the mob harnesses itself for good.

And hey, Poopdeck got a ton of karma out of his friend’s cancer, so if you still want to bag on Reddit, there’s that.