Remember Robin Williams With These 7 Iconic Movies Available On Netflix

08.11.14 4 years ago 3 Comments

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Robin Williams, the man who had an uncanny ability to make us all laugh, passed away today. While the world mourns a comedy legend we thought the best way to honor the award-winning actor would be to — what else? — laugh. He’s played a doctor, a professor, a robot and a genie, and you can watch some of his most famous films right now. Here are 7 of the comedian’s most iconic movies currently available on Netflix. Pay tribute to the king of comedy by re-watching some of his best big screen moments.

The Big Wedding


The Big Wedding

A long-divorced couple feigns years of wedded bliss to please a special guest at their son’s nuptials: his birth mother. Williams plays the Irish priest set to perform the ceremony and stars alongside Robert De Niro, Susan Sarandon and Diane Keaton.

The Birdcage

Williams plays Armand, one half of a gay Jewish couple who owned a drag nightclub in Florida. Along with Nathan Lane, the two must pretend to be straight in order to impress the parents of their son’s fiance.


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The Fisher King

This might be one of the best Robin Williams movies you haven’t watched. The comedian stars as a deranged homeless man who gets some help from a former radio disc jockey in search of redemption after a comment he made on-air caused one listener to embark on a killing spree. It’s weird, it’s funny and Jeff Bridges’ bromance with Williams’ character is hysterical.



This one’s for those craving some ’90s nostalgia. Williams plays the leader of the Lost Boys who finally does grow up but must venture back to Neverland in order to rescue his children after they’ve been kidnapped by Captain Hook.

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