Watch This Reporter Confront The Woman Who Allegedly Stole His Identity

Steve Noviello is a reporter for Dallas-Fort Worth’s Fox 4 News, who, according to his Facebook page, is known for his “money-saving advice, bargain hunting, and product reviews.” This, unfortunately made him an unlikely target for a recent credit-card scam. Noviello was alerted by his credit-card company of possible fraudulent activity, and in a Goldilocks and the Three Bears-esque twist, found that the alleged thief, a woman named Farrah Parks, was still sleeping in a bed in a nearby North Texas Hilton and using his credit card to pay for it.

Parks had not only used Noviello’s credit card, but had a card with Parks’ name on it created with his account information, it seems. So Noviello did what any earnest, hard-hitting reporter would do, and alerted police, capturing the bust as it was going down armed with nothing but his iPhone.

Here’s the unedited, unaired footage of Noviello grilling the woman during the elevator ride to the hotel lobby after her apprehension. On the scale of uncomfortable elevator rides, I think it ranks somewhere along the lines of “Lester, is this what you want?