Viewers At Home Got An Unexpected Eyeful When This Reporter Jumped Into The Ocean On Live TV

Bernardita Middleton is a reporter for Chilean’s Good Morning Everyone, which is basically Chile’s equivalent of Good Morning America. While shooting a segment in the coastal town of Reñaca, her colleagues back in the studio goaded her to jump into the ocean, which is apparently known for being exceptionally chilly there along the Pacific.

Middleton had prepared by wearing a bikini underneath her dress just in case, but unfortunately for her the bikini she had worn happened to be bandeau style, and she hadn’t bothered to attach the removable straps. Oh, girl. We’ve all been there. I mean, most of us haven’t been there on live television… but other than that we know how she feels. For anyone with boobs who hasn’t ever managed to inadvertently flash some surfers or say, a family with small children at the beach, consider yourself lucky.

(Via UK Mirror, Daily Mail via BroBible)

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