This Restaurant Has A Full Menu For Dogs, Including Dog Beer

Before you hop on a plane to treat your dog to a spa day and rid him of his puppy demons with a Japanese dog exorcism, you may want to grab him a beer in Glasgow first! It’s sure to be a tough day (considering the aforementioned exorcism), so the least you can do is spoil his puppy palette with food fit for a king and of course DOG BOOZE!

A restaurant called The Winged Ox Bar & Kitchen, at Saint Luke’s in Glasgow, Scotland, has introduced a full dog menu featuring canine favorites such as chicken and rice, bunless hotdogs, and ice cream. According to head chef Steve Martin, the idea was inspired by his own rescue pup, a 4-year-old Shih Tzu named Millie who has never once eaten processed food from a can. Chef Steve declared that whatever was good enough for people was good enough for his baby girl, so he concocted homemade, pet-friendly recipes that Millie would love.

As chef at The Winged Ox, Martin grew accustomed to customers accompanied by pets and wanted to offer more than just a biscuit and a bowl of water. After hearing one customer say they had to leave the restaurant to feed their dog, Chef Steve researched dog diets to create a fresh-meats-and-vegetables-based menu exclusively for pooches.

Though dogs are commonly invited to enjoy all that the Glasgow social scene has to offer, The Winged Ox’s dog menu takes the fusion of people-pet culture to a new level. Pups are even offered beer (made with chicken or beef stock) if they’re feeling a bit frisky! Any and all are welcome and the manager aims to make everyone feel safe, and secure.