This Woman Lost Weight And Gained Satisfaction On The Boyfriend Who Called Her Fat

Lauren Goodger isn’t a household name in the U.S., but across the pond, she’s a reality star from Celebrity Big Brother and TOWIE. Up until a year ago, Lauren was unhappy with her body, and she had a boyfriend who labeled her “fat.” After a stream of negative online comments and upsetting tabloid photos, Lauren checked her “party girl” diet and realized a twice-per-day McDonald’s habit wasn’t helping. Nor were the 5,000 total calories she consumed per day. Lauren switched up her lifestyle, and after a solid fitness and diet program, she lost 56 pounds. She’s also a fitness guru in the making.

Speaking with The Mirror, Lauren reveals how people called her “a disgusting beached whale,” and tabloid photos made her feel depressed, “mortified,” and trapped forever in an unhealthy body. She insists, “I will not be slipping back into that lifestyle.” Lauren says she now wants to appear in Playboy, which seems like an achievable goal for someone who regularly shows off the results of her hard work (hint: it’s a “hot” body).


Lauren never forgets the past and sometimes posts “before” photos like this one, in which she labeled herself as “vile.”


Yet, Lauren’s “after” photos are in more plentiful supply than the other variety.


As a slight twist in this story, Lauren says she’s still dating the man who called her fat. She gives him hell, but admits, “Jake [McLean] loves my body now.” Well, it sounds like she could stand to lose another 160 pounds or so.

(Via The Mirror)