Richard Branson Would Like You To Put His Head In Your Mouth

05.03.12 7 years ago

For as long as I can remember, Richard Branson has been one of my favorite billionaire playboys. He’s just so darn likeable. A guy I could totally see myself sitting down to have a drink with and have a perfectly lovely, interesting time. But I’m afraid his ego may be entering Donald Trump territory with Virgin Atlantic’s “new ice innovation” — “Little Richard ice cubes” which will now be served on the airline’s flights.

From the company’s press release

Virgin Atlantic is giving Upper Class passengers the chance to cool their in-flight drinks with bespoke Richard Branson ice cubes. They will be served on board one of the first flights of the airline’s new Upper Class Cabin this May.

The new ice innovation means all passengers will be able to enjoy some chill out time with Mr Branson at the new bar – the longest of any airline – which has been designed to provide additional space and comfort for those keen to socialise while flying…The ice cubes have been created using the exact measurements of Sir Richard’s head and feature an impressive level of detail. The mould for the ice cubes took a team of four skilled designers a painstaking six weeks to create using detailed photographic techniques and laser scanning technology to create the perfect likeness of Sir Richard.

I fully expect Donald Trump to one-up Branson by placing Trump-head dildos in all the rooms at his hotels so all of his guests can experience what it’s like to be f*cked by Donald Trump. We’re entering dangerous territory here, people.

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