Riddick Movie Casts Guy Who Plays Nothing But Slimy Villains as it’s Slimy Villain

01.11.12 8 years ago

Hey, let’s keep the Riddick casting news train rolling, shall we? We already know Vin Diesel will probably be teaming up with/humping Katee Sackhoff, but who’s he going to be running from/eventually killing?

Well, it looks like the villain role is going to Jordi Molla. Jordi Who-sa? He’s been the villain in a number of recent b-level action movies like Colombiana and Knight and Day, and well, just look at that picture — he certainly looks the part. That’s one slimy looking dude. That’s the kind of face I can support Vin Diesel blowing a bloody hole in.

So yeah, Jordi Molla. I’ll admit, I just wrote this story because his name reminded me of this guy…

Chief of re-engineering your goddamn face.

…now that right there would be a movie.

via ComingSoon

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