R.I.P. Dave Goldberg, Silicon Valley Entrepreneur And SurveyMonkey CEO

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05.02.15 3 Comments
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News broke today that Dave Goldberg, the CEO of SurveyMonkey and husband of Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, died suddenly overnight at his family’s home in California. He was 47 years old.

The business and web pioneer spent time at Yahoo and Benchmark Capital before joining SurveyMonkey. According to The New York Times, the cause of death has not yet been released:

Mr. Goldberg was a serial Silicon Valley entrepreneur and venture capitalist. His death was confirmed by SurveyMonkey, which is known for its web-based survey technology, although the company did not disclose the cause of death.

Meanwhile, his company released an official statement to the press regarding the announcement:

Dave’s genius, courage and leadership were overshadowed only by his compassion, friendship and heart. Our sympathy goes out to them and to all who were touched by this extraordinary man. We are all heartbroken.

Goldberg’s brother Robert initially shared the news of the Silicon Valley entrepreneur’s passing on Facebook:

Soon after requesting that Goldberg’s friends and loved ones share photos and memories on his already-memorialized Facebook page, Facebook’s own Mark Zuckerberg piped in with a tribute:

(Via The New York Times)

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