Riz Ahmed And John Turturro From ‘The Night Of’ Team Back Up To Help Syrian Refugees

Riz Ahmed and John Turturro from HBO’s acclaimed drama The Night Of have reunited for a very important and timely cause, as you can see in the above video Ahmed posted to Twitter Tuesday. Ahmed, a Pakistani Muslim who grew up in England, launched a crowdfunding campaign back in December to raise money for Syrian refugees, however given the current state of affairs right now thanks to Donald Trump’s immigration ban, the Star Wars: Rogue One star is extending his campaign and making a plea for more people to donate.

Of course, the reunion wouldn’t be complete without some tongue-in-cheek fan service, as Turturro — in partial character as the eczema-plagued lawyer John Stone — misinterprets when Ahmed asks him whether or not he ever “gets the itch.”

After the misunderstanding gets cleared up (pun intended), Ahmed explains why it’s so important to help these people.

It’s now even harder and harder for them to flee all the misery they’re suffering through no fault of their own, so we’ve so far raised a hundred thousand dollars for Syrian refugee children to get their emergency aid, and also an education, and with everything that’s going on right now we’ve decided to just extend our campaign, so we just wanna ask you to just go online, and donate.

Ahmed also goes by the nickname “Riz MC” as part of his rap group the Swet Shop Boys, and earlier this week he showed support for American protesters at LAX who took to chanting the lyrics to the group’s anti-TSA song, “T5.”

You can donate to Ahmed’s CrowdRise capaign here.

(Via EW)