Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Is Taking A Break Because Of This New Crack Video

Rob Ford announced his decision to “take a leave from campaigning and from my duties as Mayor to seek immediate help” last night, admitting to having a problem with alcohol and making bad choices while under its influence.

It wasn’t long before another likely reason for his break — no, not the Justin Bieber beef — emerged: another video is being shopped around, this one allegedly showing Toronto’s mayor smoking crack in his sister’s basement just last weekend.

The Globe and Mail says two of its reporters have seen the footage — shot by a self-professed crack and heroin dealer — of Ford smoking what appears to be crack cocaine. They did not purchase any footage, but did obtain the following damning images:

Meanwhile, Gawker has a fascinating tale about a source offering to sell them what appears to be the same footage. The whole thing is worth a read. Here are the stills the dealer sent them:

The Globe And Mail, Gawker

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