Sparkly Bullet Dodged: Robert Pattinson Is Not The New Indiana Jones

Last December, Disney made a deal with Paramount to distribute all future Indiana Jones films, meaning there would be some. Shortly afterward, a talking raccoon was rumored to be wanted as Harrison Ford’s replacement. Earlier this month, we were skeptical of the source who claimed Robert Pattinson (Twilight) was at the top of Disney’s list for the next Indiana Jones. Our skepticism turns out to be warranted.

Robert Pattinson spoke to MTV this weekend to promote The Rover. When asked about the Indiana Jones rumor, he said it wasn’t true, adding, “People just [make rumors up] so I get bad press afterwards. ‘Hey, how about you play Jesus!’ ‘No, he should just die!’ Great, thanks man.”

Pattinson also joked about being the only Brit who wasn’t offered an audition for Star Wars: Episode VII. That video is below.

As much as I dislike Twilight for the type of voluntary helplessness it promotes and the abusive relationships it depicts as desirable to young girls, I can’t hate Pattinson for being involved in it. After all, he hates Twilight even more than we do.

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