Honest Trailer Reminds Us Why ‘RoboCop’ Movies Should Never Be PG-13

Screen Junkies brought us Honest Trailers for Dragonball Evolution, Man Of Steel, Thor, and Pacific Rim. Now they’ve brought an honest trailer for the 1987 original RoboCop, just in time for the PG-13 (!) RoboCop remake.

The video opens strong with, “This trailer is rated R for RoboCop, because that’s how you make a f**king RoboCop movie.” I’ll buy that for a yadda yadda you know the rest. The video makes a great case for why RoboCop doesn’t need a remake, and most of those reasons are possibly NSFW due to violence. This movie could single-handedly prop up a factory that just makes blood squibs.

Video via The High Definite. Banner image courtesy of Orion Pictures.