'RoboCop' Viral Video Pimps Omnicorp

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07.09.12 9 Comments

The promo engine for the RoboCop reboot is officially in full swing, no doubt to try and pick up some steam from that other remake of a Paul Verhoeven movie coming out soon. We hope Hollywood plans to remake all of Paul Verhoeven’s movies, especially Spetters.

Obscure nerd jokes aside, the viral video actually drops a lot of hints about what we’re going to see in the movie and gives us a few clues about the general overall design of the film.

And I have to admit, I like what I’m seeing.

Here’s that corporate video:

The little touches of humor in this are really what’s selling it: Verhoeven’s movie was as much about media manipulation as dehumanization, and this video really emphasizes that spin. But it does go over the top if you pay attention.

For example, the ED-209 is just so subtly ridiculous it’s hilarious. If you look closely, it might as well have been designed by Rob Liefeld, it’s so studded with weapons. The Vulcan cannon in the “nose” is a nice touch.

There’s also hints of the black humor we’ve been told the movie will retain. For example, the RC-2000 (one guess what that is) has the tagline “When Human Resources Meets Robotic Engineering.”

We also get to see some close-ups of the RoboCop armor and it looks pretty good. The best shot is really on the promo site, as it gives us a look at the shoulder and lets us extrapolate the whole design.

In short, RoboCop looks to be pretty good, so far. There’s no doubt a trailer or another viral clip is going to hit with Comic-Con, so we’ll keep an eye out.

image courtesy Sony

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