Rockstar Confirms Sperm And Dinosaurs Don’t Exist In Bizarre ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Viral Video

Well okay, this is weird — today Rockstar released a very odd video that’s somehow, some way, related to Grand Theft Auto V. The video is a bit of faux propaganda for “The Epsilon Program”, a Scientology parody that has popped up very briefly in past GTA games. The video lists off various absurd tenets of the religion such as “sperm does not exist” and “dinosaurs are lies” and briefly features a man in goofy robes sliding across the screen.

Hit the jump to check out the video for yourself…

So, is The Epsilon Project going to feature heavily in GTA V’s plot? Is the guy in the robes a major player? Or is Rockstar just testing to see if blogs will always report on everything they do, no matter how silly and insubstantial? Answer — we will! Especially on slow news Mondays.

via Kotaku