Rockstar’s Next Big Game Will Be Here By March 2015

Rockstar Games, the developer behind Grand Theft Auto, tends to release games at their own pace — one every couple years is being the current rate. So, since we got Grand Theft Auto V just last year, does that mean we’ll have to wait a while for Rockstar’s next big thing? Nope!

In a recent earnings call, Take-Two (Rockstar’s parent company) let slip that a new Rockstar title is coming sometime during the next fiscal year (which extends until the end of March 2015). Take-Two expects this game to generate 45% of their revenue in 2014, so it sounds like it’s going to be a major one.

So, what could this mystery game be? The most obvious guess is a next-gen version of GTAV, but would that be a big enough deal to account for nearly half of Take-Two’s revenue this year? I mean, how many more copies could GTAV possibly sell? Rockstar tries to launch at least one new franchise every generation — could the new game be the long-delayed Agent (it probably will be given my luck with such things).Or could it be, dare I dream, a new Bully?

What do you folks think? What’s Rockstar’s big 2014/early-2015 game?

via Eurogamer