Police Are Searching For The Most Obvious Suspect Ever In A Rogaine Theft Spree

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Police in Ohio are on the hunt for a middle-aged man accused of shoplifting thousands of dollars worth of Rogaine and other similar hair loss products around the Cincinnati area and northern Kentucky, and you’d think he’d be easy to spot because, ironically enough, the suspect himself is completely bald. The thief is accused of stealing nearly $900 in merchandise at a Mt. Healthy, Ohio Walgreens alone, in addition to hitting a CVS and two Walgreens in nearby Florence, Kentucky, and also may be responsible for who knows how many other merchandise thefts in the tri-state area.

It’s unclear whether or not the suspect himself is using the hair loss products, because one would have to think that much Rogaine would kill a man. Instead authorities think it’s likely that the thief has been somehow selling the products online. If that’s the case, it’s possible that the guy could be working alone or with a partner, but either way, sending a bald guy to steal hair loss products is about as obvious as sending a hipster to steal beard cream. Best case scenario here, you don’t get caught for the crime spree, but you do still get laughed at by the entire internet. Worth it?

(Via Smoking Gun)

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