'Rogue Squadron', And Four Other Star Wars Games Disney Needs To Bring Back

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02.11.13 52 Comments

Obsidian has been going around telling anybody who’ll listen they want to make another Knights of the Old Republic-type game. And we’re all for it.

We’re also all for Disney getting into gaming with Star Wars in a big, big way. The Star Wars Universe is fairly ideal for games of all types, and here are a few that we think deserve another go on modern hardware.

Rogue Squadron

OK, so Rebel Strike had some bad ideas. But realistically, the dogfight game is overdue for a comeback in the first place. This is the era of online multiplayer and advanced graphical firepower: Let’s deploy some ships.

The Super Series

Fans of Star Wars growing up in the ’90s likely fondly remember the “Super” series: Super Star Wars, Super Empire Strikes Back, and Super Return Of The Jedi. They were fun, well-designed platformers that actually did right by the series. They were rereleased on the Virtual Console to fan celebration. True, Sculptured Software was killed in the Acclaim meltdown, but Avalanche came from it, and frankly, as much as everybody hates the prequels, they’d probably enjoy seeing platformers made out of them.

If nothing else, something good has to come from those movies.


Battlefront III’s code is currently sitting on a hard drive somewhere, just waiting for somebody to clean it up and ship it out. The entire franchise was massively popular and why, precisely, it was spiked remains something of a mystery.

Come on, Disney. We want to frag Gungans in new and interesting ways.

Empire At War

Why this nascent RTS franchise was never really given a chance is anyone’s guess. But it was a solid game, and honestly, RTS games are on the rise and Star Wars is a good universe to set them in. Done properly, this could be a new Command and Conquer.

A Lightsaber Game That Actually Works

If you’ve played Kinect Star Wars, you’ve probably found it profoundly disappointing. The truth is that there really hasn’t been a great Star Wars themed fighting game. In fact, whenever Star Wars goes hand to hand, it’s bad news. Aside from the aforementioned title, there’s also the memorably awful Star Wars: Masters Of Teras Kasi, which has notably joined the Holiday Special in the vault, never to be released again. So come on. Figure out a way to let us fight our friends with lightsabers and possibly Force powers. Really, it’s all we’ve ever wanted.

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