Ron Gilbert's 'The Cave' is Basically Maniac Mansion With More Platforming, Hillbillies and Talking Caves

Lost amongst all the excitement over Tim Schafer’s new Kickstarter funded adventure game, is the fact that Ron Gilbert, Shafer’s mentor and creator of Monkey Island, is working on a game of his own at Double Fine. Gilbert’s game, called “The Cave”, dropped its first trailer early this morning.

The Cave basically seems to be Maniac Mansion meets Metroid with more puzzles. Like Maniac Mansion, you choose three characters (out of a possible seven) to play through the game with. Each character has a special skill, and solving puzzles requires you to switch back and forth between characters to combine those skills. Unlike Maniac Mansion, there doesn’t seem to be much pointing and clicking or chatting going on in The Cave — the game is more of a puzzle platformer in terms of actual gameplay, and the only character that talks is the Cave itself, who acts as the narrator for the game.

Oh, and weirdly Sega of all companies is publishing it. You can check out The Cave’s debut trailer, along with a handful of screens, after the jump…

via Kotaku

Hit the second page for some screenshots…

Well, the game looks nice. The characters kind of have a Monkey Island feel to them. Looks like I’m going to have plenty of adventurin’ to keep me busy later this year.