A Naked Teen Wearing A Ronald Reagan Mask Is Terrorizing An Alabama Neighborhood

Those days of prank calling your crush as part of “Truth or Dare” are long gone. Choosing the latter in the childhood game now means terrorizing your neighborhood with your bare butt cheeks and a Ronald Reagan mask.

Alabama couple Danielle and Bart Yancey captured a “nude boy” doing just that on New Year’s Eve, much to their horror. Bart was the first to come across the Ronald Reagan streaker when he “noticed a shadowy figure” on his property after taking out the trash. Like most concerned homeowners who come across naked trespassers, Bart yelled at the boy and he scurried away like roaches when the lights are turned on. From

“I know a lot of people are laughing about it and, honestly, I got a chuckle from it later, but at the same time, it’s very concerning,” Danielle Yancey said. “I don’t know what he was planning on doing.”

The naked trespasser, who wore an overcompensating sock on his penis, was also caught on the couple’s surveillance cameras. Danielle uploaded the footage on Facebook as a warning to area residents. Officers were called in, but were unsuccessful in capturing the streaker.

(via The Daily Dot/ AL)