Watch The Rudest Airplane Passenger You’ve Ever Seen Get Rightfully Booted

Anyone who’s been hoping to jet away to a relaxing vacation may decide to swim towards the nearest tropical island after witnessing this video. A rude man hopped onto a JetBlue flight and went viral. No one knows if he wanted to be an internet star, but this guy went a little ballistic. He didn’t get violent, which would have likely ended up wasting a roll of duct tape, but somehow, he delivered one righteous soliloquy about being the most important human in the universe.

First, it’s important to note how this guy was flying coach class on JetBlue, and he began this bizarre display by ranting about his $4 million per year salary. He also informed his fellow passengers of an alleged 176 IQ. Then for the entirety of this 11-minute clip, he spewed profanity at everyone he encountered. Let’s hope this guy was drunk because there would be a teensy reason to explain why he was behaving like a spoiled prince when everyone else just wanted to kick back and relax.

In the end, this guy succeeded in getting kicked off the aircraft. He also delayed a flight, and then someone uploaded this awful vertical video that alternated between upright and sideways. JetBlue passenger, you are the worst.