Running On A Lego-Covered Treadmill Might Be The Dumbest Thing Ever, So Please Do Not Try This At Home

There are few things in life that suck more than stepping on a Lego in your bare feet, as surely many parents can attest. So here’s something stupid! The modern day “Jackasses” over on the YouTube channel WheresMyChallenge devised a challenge in which participants had to not just walk on Legos, but actually run on a treadmill as Legos were poured onto it. No, I don’t know why anyone would want to do that either, but it’s also not my first day on the internet, so I no longer question these sort of things.

Not at all surprisingly, it goes pretty much exactly how you’d expect, with each guy screaming and howling in pain as they run barefooted across Legos while their friends all laugh at them; as friends tend to do in this situation. In the end, both guys who try the challenge end up with minor injuries to their feet, yet they promise if their video gets 15,000 likes, they’ll come back with an even better treadmill video. (As they apparently have even more brilliant ideas in store.) Maybe next time they’ll literally just run across thumbtacks? Or why not even broken glass? Functioning feet are for suckers!

(Via Sploid)