Watch Russell Brand Call A Reporter ‘A Snide’ Following An Uncomfortable Conversation About Rent

He might not be interested in making money anymore, but the comfortably wealthy Russell Brand is ready to fight for London renters against skyrocketing prices and possible eviction. The comedian and reporter Paraic O’Brien were discussing the plight of east London residents when O’Brien asked Brand about his rent. Brand didn’t take the subtle jab too kindly.

BRAND: That’s not the point.

O’BRIEN: But it’s still a point, isn’t it? The demand that the super rich are putting on the London property owners. You are part of that problem, aren’t you?

BRAND: No. Absolutely not. I would completely deny that. I’d say I’m part of the solution. People coming together to amplify the voices of ordinary people. That’s precisely what’s needed.

After a minute of talking over one another, a demonstrator interrupted the exchange and whisked Brand away as  he called O’Brien “a snide.” Jokes, insults, and semantics aside, both men have a point. Plus, a cursory search gives credence to O’Brien’s position as a reporter asking legitimate questions of those who should answer them.

Regardless of what you think, two things are certain:

1. Despite and because of Brand’s position, the comedian brought further attention to the issue.

2. O’Brien failed to take Brand to task over Get Him to the Greek.

Source: Channel 4 News via The Daily Dot