Russell Crowe Tweets About RoboCop and Noah Rumors


Last week we wrote about the rumor that Russell Crowe was being considered for the RoboCop remake. It seemed far-fetched, but it gave us an excuse to photoshop Russell Crowe as RoboCop riding a unicorn, so of course we had to report that. We took an oath to bring you all celebrity-as-beloved-character-riding-mythical-creature news.

Russell Crowe took to Twitter to address the RoboCop rumor and the recent news that he’s being considered to play the titular Noah in Darren Aronofsky’s Noah’s Ark movie. Deadline reports Liam Neeson is also being considered for another role (possibly a villain role) in the movie. A villain in the biblical flood story? Ooo, I hope he’s playing a Raptor on a jet-ski.

Crowe makes it clear he isn’t playing RoboCop:

But he was vague about playing Noah:

I’m going to assume “eying” is a euphemism because it makes these rumors a whole lot more entertaining.

In other news: Russell Crowe is on Twitter. We imagine whenever he gets a mean @ reply he throws an old-timey rotary phone at a wallaby dressed as a concierge. He keeps one tethered nearby at all times for just such occasion. Allegedly.