Guy Who Taunts Russian Cat Gets His Sweet Comeuppance

Let this video be a lesson about taunting cats who don’t want to be petted. Especially if those cats are ginger and Russian. Don’t do it. Don’t put on an oven mitt and pet them anyway, then constrict their movements and taunt them. Then don’t try to throw the oven mitt at them as a distraction as you try to escape. Not even olives can save you now.

Russian cat doesn’t want an oven mitt, comrade. Russian cat wants blood. Russian cat will paint the walls red with you, then yowl Gosudarstvenny Gimn Rossiyskoy Federatsii. And don’t even think about throwing the cat off you, because then you’re just a d*ck who completely deserves what comes at the last two seconds of this video, when Russian cat snatches victory from the jaws of glassy defeat, and the true celebration takes place off screen. Presumably, it was too glorious to be captured by any dashcam or other recording device.