You Will Never Love Anything As Much As This Cat Loves Olives

In this video uploaded by Dmitry Hilchuk, a cat is faced with a pressing dilemma: sniff the can of olives and go momentarily insane, or ignore the can of olives and remain curious about them. Well, this is a cat, so you can guess what happens.

We imagine the cat’s inner monologue going like this: “Oh, what’s that? *sniffs can of olives, falls over* Oh Jesus yes, scratch my back, scratch my back, scratch it now but first more olives *sniffs, falls over* Oh that’s the good stuff. I need to clean myself immediately, and what’s up with my tail? F*CK YOU, TAIL. Wait, more olives? That’s awesom– wait. Every time I sniff those I lose my f*cking mind. I’m not falling for that again. Nope, get it away from me. Wait, bring it back. No, get away. Wait. No. Well, maybe one more little sniff won’t hurt. *sniff* OH LAWD JESUS TAKE ME NOW.”

In other words, probably a normal day for a cat. Plus olives.

(Via Neatorama)