Ryan Reynolds May Be The Next Highlander. Of Course.


Variety is reporting that Ryan Reynolds is in talks to star in Lionsgate-Summit’s Highlander remake. He is also weighing other offers, tantalizing offers such as “trying to make people forget about Green Lantern” and “crying in a corner upon realizing he doesn’t get to see Scarlett Johansson naked anymore”.

As previously reported, the first director (Justin Lin) bailed to make the 500th “Fast and Furious” movie — They’re up to 500 of those movies now, right? GRRR, fact checking! — and they’ve hired Juan Carlos Fresnadillo to direct instead. Neal Moritz and Peter Davis will produce the script penned by Matt Holloway and Art Marcum, the writing team behind Iron Man and Punisher: War Zone.

So, yeah, it seems they really will go through with that Highlander remake. Meh. I’ll watch it as long as they put Ryan Reynolds in the fat suit from Just Friends and make him sing “I Swear” . . .