Samuel L. Jackson Is Scooping Kitty Litter To Help Swing The House In The Upcoming Midterms

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November 6 is slowly creeping up for a midterm election that many are calling the most important of our lifetime. Should the prophesied blue wave happen in November, it has the potential to flip both the Senate and House of Representatives to Democrat and put a curb on the GOP free-for-all under the current administration led by President Donald Trump.

So not surprisingly, celebrities such as Billy Eichner are using their clout to try to get people out to vote. Likewise, Glass star Samuel L. Jackson has stepped up to the plate to give some love to some Democrat candidates running in swing states by starring in ads for the Swing Left campaign, which aims to take back the House.

In one ad, Jackson stumps for former healthcare executive Angie Craig, who is going up against Rep. Jason Lewis for a seat in Minnesota’s second district after having lost to him by less than 7,000 votes in 2016. “Angie’s busy on the campaign trail 24-7 making sure the people in her district know shes going to fight for them,” Jackson says in the spot.

“Which is why I’m here scooping out bits of kitty treasure for her,” he says, adding that it’s really important for Angie to win so Democrats can take back the House, and he’d do anything to help her. “Anything,” he emphasizes, “I am so not a cat person.”

In the other ad, Jackson helps out Colin Allred, a civil rights attorney who is running for the Dallas-area 32rd district of Texas, by waiting for the cable guy to show up. “With the midterms only days away, Colin is focusing every minute of every day talking to voters,” he said. “Which is why I’m here waiting in his stead, for the cable company’s ridiculous four hour installation window.”

There’s probably a candidate somewhere in Pennsylvania that needs his or her gutters cleaned, so keep fighting the good fight, SLJ!