Samuel L. Jackson’s Anime Adaptation ‘Kite’ Looks Appropriately Cartoony

01.06.14 5 years ago


Some time ago we heard that Samuel L. Jackson was going to be starring in a live-action version Kite — you know, that anime you watched after Akira and Ghost in the Shell back when you first got into anime in the 90s. You probably thought it was totally rad, because, well, it’s basically just an hour of a Japanese schoolgirl making guys explode (double entendre intended).

Well, believe it or not, the movie actually got made! Below you’ll find a Kite trailer and a bunch of clips, and hey, it’s all introduced by Samuel L. Jackson himself. Nearly 10-minutes of stuff — check it out!

They’re certainly sticking close to the source material when it comes to the action scenes and overall uh, less than subtle tone. Don’t get too excited perverts — I doubt the faithfulness will extend to the original’s X-rated sex scenes.

via Bloody Disgusting

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