San Diego's Massive Fireworks Show Went KABOOM All At Once Last Night

Every year the city of San Diego put on one of the nation’s biggest 4th of July fireworks shows. People actually travel there to take it in. Because America, dammit!

But last night some sort of technical glitch caused the city’s entire stock of July 4th pyrotechnics, an inventory that typically translates into a show roughly 20 minutes long, to all detonate the same time, resulting in a 15-second show that doubled as a short but spectacular grand finale — as demonstrated in the pic above posted online last night by Twitter user “Ben Baller.”

Reports the Channel Four News Team…

HAHAHA…just kidding. Reports the LA Times:

About five minutes before the Port of San Diego’s Big Bay Boom was to begin at 9 p.m., spectators saw a brilliant display of fireworks that shot up in only 15 seconds – an incredible disappointment to hundreds of thousands of spectators who had waited for hours for the 18-minute show (see video below).

The Big Bay Boom is advertised as one of the largest fireworks shows in the nation, and boasts about attracting half a million spectators. The pyrotechnics are launched from five barges in the San Diego Bay, and this year’s show – the 12th annual spectacle – was advertised by the port as being “bigger and more intense than in past years,” and organizers set up free buses and shuttles to handle the crowds of spectators. About a dozen bayside hotels offer special Fourth of July rates just so customers can watch the show from the comfort of their rooms.

And here’s video of the whole thing…

Happy Birthday, America! How you feeling about this, Ron?

This probably goes without saying, but stay classy, San Diego.

(HT: Atlantic Wire)