#GirlIGuessImWithHer Hilariously Shows Bernie Sanders Fans’ Reluctant Support Of Hillary Clinton

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This primary season has provided a lot of young voters with their first real chance to see their optimistic support of an outsider candidate crushed by a much stronger and better-connected campaign. With the primary results in New Jersey and California making Hillary Clinton’s Democratic Party nomination almost certain, scores of Twitter users are dealing with being Nader-ed and announcing their support of Clinton. But the hashtag #GirlIGuessImWithHer proves that they are anything but happy about it.

The trending hashtag was started by user Mad Black Thot and quickly spread from there with disenchanted voters throwing up the best gifs to summarize their disappointment.

The search for real-life shruggies was on.

More than a few folks decided that the news was more of a “dramatic eye roll” situation:

Even Bernie Sanders got to trudging (well, kind of):

Some people dealt with the news via a healthy dose of self-medication:

A few users dug in their heels, refusing to fall in line behind Clinton and using the only language the internet understands:

But if you take anything away from this hashtag, let it be this. Watch your step at the voting booth in November, the ground is going to be slick: