Sarah Silverman Tweeted ‘Ten Rape Prevention Tips’ And The Internet Erupted

03.25.15 4 years ago 76 Comments


It’s a familiar pattern by now. 1) Comedian tweets something “risqué.” 2) The internet explodes OUTRAGE OUTRAGE HOW DARE HE/SHE. 3) Repeat. In this case, the comedian is Sarah Silverman, who tweeted a watermarked, lightly satirical 9GAG list of “Ten Rape Prevention Tips,” along with the caption: “These are great- send to all the men in ur life.”

If you were wondering whether Blues Traveler responded, yes, Blues Traveler responded.

That’s classic Popper. But most responses were more like:

This guy chimed in, and everything went straight to hell:

#NotAllPeople should be allowed to be on Twitter.

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