Satanic Temples Are Offering To Keep Muslims Safe But There’s A Catch


After the terrorist attacks in Paris, it has not been an easy time to be a Muslim in America, especially when people who want to run the country talk about stooping to really disturbing measures in the name of stopping terrorism. But if it’s hard for American Muslims to trust politicians to protect them, imagine what rank-and-file citizens are acting like. It’s not good, but one religious group is opening its doors and offering a helping hand. Muslims actually taking up that offer, as questionable as it might be — considering that religious group is the Church of Satan.

At least two local-level Satanic Temples posted their support of their fellow religious citizens, including the San Jose chapter which stated:

“If there is anyone in the San Jose region who is Muslim and afraid to leave their home out of fear for some kind of backlash, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We would be glad to escort you where you need to go without advertising our presence.”

Similarly, the Minneapolis chapter said, “It’s not to ride the tide of sentiment or capitalize on people for further name recognition. Let us know if you or someone you know need the sort of assistance we are offering.”

Unfortunately, both of those temples have since backtracked because the response was so widespread that they realized they probably couldn’t handle such a huge burden. In identical messages, both temples took back their offers because they claimed not to have the resources to handle so many requests for assistance. However, they maintain that “The Satanic Temple believes that all people should act with empathy within the bounds of reason.”

See, here’s the problem: there are most likely about a hundred thousand Satanists in the world. (The Church of Satan won’t release an official membership number because “that would allow people to quantify” them.) Islam is the world’s second-largest religion with 1.6 billion followers as of 2010 according to the Pew Research Center; that’s 23 percent of the world’s population. And while American is not a heavily-saturated Muslim country, about 3 million Muslims do live here. That’s a lot of people for a few thousand local Satanic worshippers to assist.

But here’s the solution: recruitment. If Satanists are going to be able to offer the kind of help they wanted, there needs to be more Satanists. Because honestly, a lot of so-called Christians are dropping the ball.

Hail Satan! Hand yourself over to the Dark Lord and open your hearts!

Source: Mediaite