‘Satellite Sam’ #1: The Comic You Should Be Reading This Week

Matt Fraction and Howard Chaykin hand in a superior noir with an odd history. In addition to that, we’ve got reviews of books from DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, and Valiant. But first, let’s talk about the children’s show hero murdered with a bunch of dirty pictures.

Satellite Sam has an odd history. It’s based, in a weird way, off Howard Chaykin’s influential, and controversial Black Kiss; Fraction, unable to read the comic when it came out back in the ’80s, instead formed an image of what he thought the book was about. And then twenty-five years or so later, he writes it, and gets Chaykin to draw it.

It’s undeniably a noir story, built around the golden age of live television. Fraction, however, approaches the era with zero nostalgia: Satellite Sam is a crappy show slapped together at the last minute by hacks, and everybody involved knows it. But it’s a hit, and the network is hoping to leverage that into more growth. Meanwhile, the actor playing Sam turns up dead in a crappy apartment, and his son discovers dear old Dad has been collecting pinup shots of hundreds of women.

Chaykin and Fraction go together very, very well. Chaykin is of course an old hand at this, but the book is filled with clever layout tricks and subtle details that make the book pop. The opening pages are claustrophobic, with tall, narrow panels as the pressure slowly rises in the control room. It perfectly accents Fraction’s plotting and dialogue.

It’s decidedly off-beat, but you won’t find a more different book on the stands. But you will find some excellent ones to read, such as for example…

<!–pagetitle:Trinity of Sin: Pandora #1–>

Pandora is, of course, key to the upcoming Trinity War event, but to this point, she’s a fairly mysterious character. We know she’s immortal and tied to both the Phantom Stranger and the Question, but little beyond that. So Ray Fawkes has a chance to fill in the blanks, and he makes some fascinating choices.

First, Pandora doesn’t really have any superpowers, per se. She can’t throw around magic, she can’t teleport, and her one “power” is mostly that she can’t die, although she really, really wants to. What she can do, however, is kick ass. When you’ve got thousands of years with nothing to do, a girl has to get a hobby.

What’s interesting is that Pandora is essentially set up: She has no idea what the box is or what she unleashes, and after doing so, and seeing everyone she ever loved die, she then gets sentenced to wander the Earth forever, because the people who control magic in the DCU are dicks. Hence, Pandora wanders through history, until she finally discovers that, yes, she needs to open the book.

It’s a bit of a standard start to a new ongoing, but Fawkes handles the high fantasy and entwines it with the history well. And if nothing else, it gives a bit of dimension to the character. Worth reading for DC fans.

<!–pagetitle:Dexter #1–>

Marvel’s comic, based on a mix of the TV shows and the novel, is kind of a hodgepodge of the best and worst of both. Dexter runs into a former bully at his high school reunion and, needless to say, is promptly on the trail of yet another serial killer. Jeff Lindsay, author of the novels, writes the comic fairly well, although he leans a bit too much on internal monologue. Dalibor Talajic, meanwhile, is a bit restricted by the fairly mundane goings-on in the script, but occasionally gets a chance to cut loose. It’s a low-key start to this miniseries, but it might be promising if it picks up.

<!–pagetitle:The Superior Foes Of Spider-Man #1–>

Nick Spencer applies his Thief of Thieves style to second-string supervillains, and it’s a riot. What makes the book work is that Spencer makes it clear these guys are losers because of their gross personality flaws, whether it’s an oblivious Beetle, a cowardly Shocker, or a Boomerang who just can’t break out of his emotional patterns. Steve Lieber, meanwhile, really enjoys drawing the book; he has as much fun showing Speed Demon and Boomerang busting each other’s chops as he does showing them getting their heads cracked. It’s a fun launch to the book, and definitely one to add on the sub list.

<!–pagetitle:Catalyst Comix #1–>

Dark Horse continues the return of Comics’ Greatest World with Joe Casey’s take on a number of characters fans might remember. And honestly, it works almost despite itself.

Casey is the unifying factor here, with three different art teams handling the three different strips, although Dan McDaid’s take on Frank Wells is possibly the most appealing. What really sells it, though, is Casey’s purple prose and over-the-top monologues, feeling more like a DJ narrating the events than an omniscient narrator. It feels a lot like a Marvel comic from the ’70s, meant in the best way possible; it’s got that “go big or go home” feel that drove those books, and it helps that the characters themselves are solid.

It’s one of those books that will likely become a love-it-or-hate-it proposition, but you owe to yourself to give it a try. If nothing else, you’ll hve a lot of fun.

<!–pagetitle:The Phantom Stranger #10–>

As we noted in our Pandora review, even the supposed good guys of the metaphysical part of the DCU can be kind of a bunch of douchebags, something exemplified in this issue, which is dedicated almost entirely to yanking the Phantom Stranger’s emotional chain. J.M. DeMatteis is nothing short of merciless on the guy, for reasons we don’t want to spoil, but it’s in service to a larger point. Adding to the issue is Fernando Blanco’s lovely art: Drawing Heaven, where most of this issue takes place, is tricky for any artist and Blanco wisely chooses modesty and understatement.

This is possibly the strangest book DC is putting out right now, and it’s decidedly a change in pace. If you’re looking for something a little different, pick this up.

<!–pagetitle:Batman Incorporated #12–>

To talk about Grant Morrison’s and Chris Burnham’s issue is pretty much impossible without spoilers, but suffice to say you can sum it up in one simple sentence Talia Al Ghul should have learned a long time ago: Messing with Batman’s emotions is probably the worst thing you can possibly do. That said, we are glad this book is finally wrapping up its arc, because even most of the Batbooks have moved on from the death of Damien Wayne at this point.

<!–pagetitle:Green Lantern #22–>

Or, Hal Jordan Is A Terrible Babysitter. Larfleeze, the one Orange Lantern, is attacking Oa because, well, he’s Larfleeze. And Hal Jordan has some new trainees, Kilowog and… not much else. Robert Venditti has a lot of fun with the characters here, and Billy Tan is really enjoying the space fantasy you see on the page, but this book still feels a bit like it’s still taxiing before taking off. In all, though, it’s a fun take on the character, and worth it for Green Lantern fans.

<!–pagetitle:Abe Sapien #4–>

After a dramatic opening arc, this book scales back a bit, as Abe runs into two people who actually welcome the end, or rather the change, of the world. But there’s a third who doesn’t exactly like where things are going, and that could be a problem for Abe…

It’s a good place to pick this up, especially if you haven’t been following the overall B.P.R.D. arc, and the art of Max Fiumara is almost worth the cover price by itself.

<!–pagetitle: Mister X: Eviction #3–>

Dean Motter wraps up his latest Mister X miniseries with, as you might expect, a lot of destruction and robots. Overall, while the shift in perspective is a welcome one for the series, Motter doesn’t quite knock this one out of the park. His art is superb, but the story is ultimately what you might expect, and feels a bit rushed. Still, a treat for fans, and a beautiful book.

<!–pagetitle:The Victories #3–>

Michael Avon Oeming has been relentlessly upping the stakes in this book, and this issue is no different. If you’ve been following the book, the final splash panel is a doozy. But mostly this issue goes to show Oeming’s strengths, especially his willingness to mock the goofy parts of superhero mythology. It’s worth getting into this book if for no other reason than it’s possibly the best take on superheroes from a publisher showing a surprising variety of takes on them lately.

<!–pagetitle:The 47 Ronin #5–>

Stan Sakai and Mike Richardson’s reverential treatment of this Japanese legend ends with a bang. Sakai opts to limit the gore and leave the focus on the characters, but the action of this book is oddly chilling as forty-seven determined men storm a castle, avenge their lord… and then go honorably to their deaths. It’s a fascinating book, and well worth reading.

<!–pagetitle:Shadowman #8–>

Well, the stakes in this book rose considerably. Justin Jordan has been making Shadowman a genuinely engaging book, and it shines the most when the metaphysics and cults are set aside, for a moment, and we see our hero remembering why the people on his team are important to him. Valiant has been doing a bang-up job bringing its characters back, and this is a fine example of just that.

Action Comics #22 (Jim Lee & Scott Williams Black & White Variant Cover), AR
Action Comics #22 (Jim Lee & Scott Williams Combo Pack Cover), $4.99 
Action Comics #22 (Tyler Kirkham & Batt Regular Cover), $3.99 
Ame-Comi Girls #5, $3.99 
Batman Incorporated #12 (Chris Burnham Black & White Variant Cover), AR
Batman Incorporated #12 (Chris Burnham Combo Pack Cover), $3.99 
Batman Incorporated #12 (Chris Burnham Regular Cover), $2.99 
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Fairest #17, $2.99 
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Green Lantern #22 (Billy Tan & Richard Friend Combo Pack Cover), $3.99 
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Trinity Of Sin The Phantom Stranger #10, $2.99

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