Savannah Guthrie Delivered An Adorable Apology After Getting Caught Saying ‘Sh*t’ Live On ‘Today’

Some viewers saw a side of Today co-host Savannah Guthrie today that they weren’t expecting. During a moment on the live telecast, Guthrie wasn’t aware her mic was on and ended up dropping a curse word right in the middle of many people’s mornings according to EW:

In a rare production mistake of this magnitude for NBC’s morning TV juggernaut, a shot of Guthrie seemingly preparing for a segment and cursing was broadcast live. “Oh, s—,” she can be heard saying…“Sorry guys,” Guthrie added as she continued looking down to read. Though the mic was then turned off, the shot of Guthrie sitting at the desk continued. Eventually, the show cut to a Lexus promo.

While the line for being offensive on television has risen considerably over the years, with SNL crossing the line for NBC on many occasions, it is funny to see the smiling face that greets you to kick off the day dropping the type of language we all use at some point during the day. Multiple times if you haven’t had your coffee yet.

Guthrie addressed the incident and apologized on Twitter, something that couldn’t have been necessary but she still did it.

Savannah Guthrie saying sh*t is pretty good and it now puts her on the same level as Meredith Vieira, but the holy grail would be the filthy outtakes featuring Katie Couric from her days behind the desk with Matt Lauer. She might act like she hates curse words in public, but there is no doubt she’s like a sailor when the cameras are off.

(Via Today / Entertainment Weekly)