Scarf-Wearing Hipster Decides To Mug For The Camera During A Mall Shooting Press Conference

The big news on CNN yesterday was Justin Bieber and the fatal mall shooting in Columbia, MD that left 3 dead and several wounded. Let that sink in for a second. From The Washington Post:

It happened just after 11 a.m., about 25 miles northeast of Washington. A gunman opened fire on the mall’s second level, killing two employees of Zumiez, a clothing store for skateboarders and snowboarders, Howard County police said. Minutes later, when officers arrived, they found the shooter dead of an apparently self-inflicted wound.

Police said his body was laden with ammunition and a shotgun was on the floor. In addition, they said, his bag, which was found in the store, contained what they described as two crude devices that seemed to be an attempt to use fireworks to make explosives.

Another tragic incident and another example of our current media information failings. But you might be asking, “why are you talking about this on an entertainment blog?” The answer of course is the gentleman douche in the scarf above.

“The face of American apathy” is how Mediaite describes the man. He saw a chance to be on national television, paid no mind to the tragedy surrounding him, and put his all into being an ass. Or being himself. I can’t really tell.

Now imagine being a family member or friend of someone you know was at that mall at the time of the shooting. You tried reaching out to them via phone, via text, to make sure they’re OK. But you haven’t heard back yet, and your mind immediately jumps to the worst.

And then you see “Scarf Guy” doing a jig while having a chuckle with someone on the phone. You then see another (much taller) gentleman casually waving to those at home as well. If you’re me, you start to really wonder if anyone even cares about these kinds of arbitrary acts of violence anymore. (via)

Now it might sound like the self righteous, white knight thing to say. But at the very least, it’s a stupid thing to do in light of what has just happened. Still, we will highlight him because it is entertaining. It’s almost commonplace now. If only he had a horse head handy.

(Via Mediaite / News Hour)