Scarlett Johansson Knows You’re Going To Screenshot Her Nude Scenes, You Perverts

Scarlett Johansson’s new film Under the Skin opens today, in which she plays a “sexy manhunting alien,” and as many of you already are well aware — her first completely nude role. In the film, her character Laura lures men into her “shadowy lair” and then traps them using her only weapon: her naked body. For some reason I can only hear that description in my head as the Chicken Lady from Kids In The Hall would read it. To be safe Mark McKinney should probably just narrate the film.

At any rate, Scarlett already knows you pervs are going to be jerking it to her screencaps. From the Huffington Post:

At a press conference for the film in New York last month, Johansson discussed how she heavily considered the nudity of the part to make sure it was significant to her character’s journey. “I’m not a provocative person,” she said after explaining how she spoke extensively with Glazer to ensure the nudity served the story and wasn’t gratuitous. “You assume its going to be a screenshot for someone. You kind of have to weigh the value of the risk that you’re taking.”

“The first time I saw it I was terrified, partly because of things like the nudity,” Johansson said. “I didn’t know how that was going to be used. I didn’t know how naked my performance would be figuratively.”

What Scarlett Johansson may or may not have known was that it’s already been “a screenshot for someone” well before the film was released. Show of hands: Who is guilty? And she’s even going to be a mom, you guys. Everybody’s got a mom. Now doesn’t everybody all feel terrible? Whoops, nope, I probably lost 75% of you when I reminded you that there were Scarlett Johansson nude screencaps on the internet. Sigh.