Rocket Fuel + Fireplace? Science Project Experiment Goes Awesomely Wrong For Seattle Teens


News coming out of Seattle today that two teen cousins are injured after their attempt at a science project experiment led to an explosion. We here at UPROXX hope for a speedy recovery for the two teens.

*waits for your mom to leave*

Holy Freaking Crap. This is METAL.

One of the boys’ fathers said his son had been working on a school science project involving model rocketry. He said the boys apparently were trying to start a fire in the fireplace and may have used some of the fuel intended for the rocket, Seattle police Detective Renee Witt said.

So while you were home, watching Curling or trying to figure out what to have for lunch, Wayne and Garth were putting freaking rocket fuel in the fireplace.

The explosion broke out windows in the living room and kitchen and propelled some debris out into the back yard, Witt said.

The boys, who were cousins, suffered wounds.

That should read “suffered wounds, but they are so freaking awesome.” Obviously we want these guys to get better, not just because we care but also because I can’t wait to meet the real life MacGruber cousins.

Source CNN