Watch This Boy Take Down A Scottish Hate Protester In The Most Scottish Way

This video is fairly straightforward in its presentation of a Scottish protester and his megaphone. No one really knows the content of his verbiage, which was not quite audible to the audio recording at hand. Presumably, this Scottish protester raved about a concrete issue during his all-important megaphone speech, but enunciation is vital to any cause. While the clip reveals nothing about the protester’s interests, it does demonstrate a highly effective attack from a bystander who won’t take the hate standing up. Even more importantly … bagpipes!

Bagpipes, y’all. Anything in the world could happen, and bagpipes would make the pain go away forever.

As such, the main illuminating aspect of this clip focuses upon the tactic of the lone anti-protester, who casually waltzed into the video footage with his bagpipes at the ready. As The Simpsons‘ Groundskeeper Willie once said, “Scots hate nothing more than Hate-Mongering Scots!” Never a truer colloquialism was ever spoken, and most of this video’s YouTube commenters agree on that end. Lemme tell you, I’ve seen more revealing (butt) clips involving ol’ Willie, but his spirit rides on in very important ways.

Scottish bagpipe pride can never be defeated. Nor can kilts. Ride on, Mr. Bagpipes.